Literally translated terrior means earth or soil. Terrior is French term for the sum of every environmental force affecting a given vineyard site; the soil type, the orientation of the vineyard to the sun, the elevation of the vineyard, rainfall, wind velocity, frequency of fog, average high and low temperatures. No single word in English […]

What Does Oak Have to Do with Wine?

Oak has been used to age wine since the Roman Empire. The oak forests in Europe were a sought after commodity. The oak was strong enough to withstand wear and tear, but malleable to be shaped into barrels, to be rolled and moved. Inside the oak barrel, the wine made up of both water and […]

Myth #3 about Sulfites in Wine & Food

Myth #3: Sulfites in wine cause headaches The so-called “red wine headache” is definitely a real thing. But it’s probably not due to sulfites. For one thing, white wine is higher in sulfites than red wine but less likely to cause a headache. That suggests that it’s probably something else in red wine that’s responsible for […]

Myth #2 about Sulfites in Wine

Myth #2: Red wine is higher in sulfites than white wine Ironically, the exact opposite is likely to be true. Red wines tend to be higher in tannins than white wines. Tannins are polyphenols found in the skins, seeds, and stems of the grapes. They also act as antioxidants and preservatives so less sulfite is […]

Myth #1 about Sulfites in Wine

Let’s get some answers on the most common myths and misunderstandings about sulfites, wine, and headaches. If drinking red wine gives you a headache, you’ve probably had someone tell you that sulfites are the likely culprit. Perhaps you’ve been advised to stick to white wine, organic wines, or wines made in Europe on the grounds […]

Miali Ichore Negroamaro

From the region of Apulia in Italy; the spur of the boot to the heel, the leading grape is negroamaro. The name is Latin for black, negro and amaro, bitter. Negroamaro is the primary grape in this hot, arid region. The grapes are handpicked, from old vines, and aged in stainless steel vats. It has […]

Wine Spectator 2018 Top 100

Wine Spectator’s Top 100 (January 19)

Roederer Estate Brut NV Region: Mendocino, CA; Appellation: Anderson Valley The Roederer Estate Brut achieved the Wine Spectator 2018 Top 100, scoring 93 points and placing 27th on the list. This sparkling wine primarily comprised of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is crisp and elegant with complex pear, spice and hazelnut flavors. It is fresh and […]

Italian Wines

Italian Wines (July 19)

Cravin’ Wine hosted Sunrise Wines, Thursday July 19th. The crowd was mesmerized by Manuel (Manny) Magnani’s wonderful wine descriptions  and stories. Here is the wine lineup! Vigne Antiche Prosecco – Veneto Vigne Antiche Prosecco is an exquisite Prosecco produced in one of the best areas of Veneto called Col San Martino.  It is an extra […]

Rosé wines

Rosé Wine

It’s summer and rosé abound. Rosé wine is pink and is drunk chilled. Rosé are the perfect summer drink. Red wines may be too much on a hot, sultry day; in comes rosé. Rosé are made from red grapes. The juice of the grape is in contact with the skin of the grape for a […]