Date: Wednesday March 25th 
Time: 5 pm – 7 pm (floating)
Cravin’ Wine
Cost: $20 / person ; $18 / person (wine club member)

Want to learn more about wine?
Have you ever wondered about the history of wine?
Do you sit with a glass of wine and wonder about how that wine is made?

Each week there will be a different theme, that we will work through with together while tasting wines that showcase the theme of the week. The class will have a workbook to help guide you through the lessons. The workbook will include maps, tasting notes, history, and any other information we want to squeeze into it.

We will taste four wines through the class that relate to the lesson of the night. We will also have a little snack to go along the wines as well. Take a chance to dive further into the wines from around the world and learn something while hanging out with others with the same mindset.

Please make your reservation with the event sign-up form, or, call 252-514-CORK, or email us at