Date: Friday October 2  
Time: 6PM 
Location: Anywhere
Platform: Zoom
Distributor: Advintage Distributing
Cost: $75 PLUS TAX

Cravin’ Wine has been approached by our distributors to try out virtual wine tastings. We are bringing the idea to our wonderful clientele to see if there’s any interest. Here’s how it will work…

Grab your significant other, family, or friends and a charcuterie board, your choice of snacks or dinner, to make this virtual tasting a party! Friday, October 2nd will be our virtual tasting day at 6PM. We will use Zoom as our platform to conduct our virtual tasting with clients and our Wine Representative. This tasting will consist of 4 bottles of Spanish wine, 2 reds & 2 whites, that you will purchase at the time of the tasting sign up and pick up prior to the tasting October 2nd. Reservations may be made online, by phone, or in person. The tasting reservations will end Tuesday, September 29th at 12 noon. Wine will be delivered to the shop on Wednesday, September 30th. Wine will be available for pickup Wednesday afternoon, September 30th, through Friday afternoon, October 2nd. There will be no refunds (if wine has not been picked up before October 2nd, we can rain check the tasting to a later date). Give us a call to make your reservation now by calling Amy or Audrey at (252) 514-2675. We hope to hear from you soon!

Wines for the Evening:

  1. Monte Marcal Brut Reserva Sparkling Blend
  2. Huguet Can Feives Blanco
  3. Carchelo Jumilla Red Blend
  4. Montana Crianza Rioja

Additional Information: A 750ml bottle of wine serves 5 glasses of wine at 5 ounces. You will need to make a Zoom account before the tasting in order to participate.